I purchased a Mac Plus in 1984. It had 1 megabyte of RAM and no hard drive. I separately bought a 3rd party 3 mb RAM upgrade and later a 30 mb SCSI hard drive. With 3 mb of RAM I could run a RAM disk with multiple applications such as Word and Pagemaker at the same time. I held on to it for several years, and… » 7/03/14 8:28am 7/03/14 8:28am

I used to enjoy the works of V.S. Naipaul, but he's gone beyond curmudgeonly. I haven't read anything by him in decades. On the other hand, source agnosticism makes sense in any field if the benefits to be gained by making use of something are sufficiently great. » 6/29/14 8:40pm 6/29/14 8:40pm